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Professional Care for Orphaned and Injured Wild Animals

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Contact us

If you have a wild animal that needs help please call asap
(814) 692-0004

Hours - 8 am to 8 pm daily by appointment
www.pawr.com to find another rehabilitator in PA
email:  centrewildlifecare@gmail.com
Mailing address is Centre Wildlife Care, PO Box 572, Lemont, PA   16851

Drop off locations

Centre Wildlife Care - 814-692-0004 (Call first)
Port Matilda, PA - Call for directions and to set up a drop off time

Animal Medical Hospital 814-234-0201
1909 N. Atherton St. in State College, PA
NO charge to drop off

CPVETS - 814-237-4670 (for euthanasia only)
1522 Martin Street, State College, PA
 Will accept animals after hours (weekends, overnight & holidays)
for euthanasia only if animals are suffering (814-237-4670)
Until you can get help - DO NOT OFFER FOOD OR WATER!
Keep in a small box wtih a lid and soft cloth on the bottom in a safe location.
If a baby or cold, fill a container with hot water & place next to the animal
or place the container on a heating pad on low.
Tape the lid down if necessary.   Click here for more info

If you would like to be on our e-mail mailing list
Please send an e-mail to:  centrewildlifecare@gmail.com

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The mailing address is:  
Centre Wildlife Care, PO Box 572, Lemont, PA 16851
The physical address for CWC is in Port Matilda at the base of Skytop mountain...call us for directions.

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