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Educational Programs

Robyn Graboski & Isis

Centre Wildlife Care (CWC) offers a variety of educational programs with one of our professional educators.  Programs are available
to any group that would like to increase awareness of native wild animals.
Educational programs are also available for special occasions like birthday parties.

 Programs Available

  • "Take a Walk on the Wild Side"   Program with live mammals, birds & reptiles…choose 4-6 animal representatives for your program.
  •  "Bats are the Good Guys"   Program with a live bat can be adapted for adults or children.
  •  "My Cold Blooded Friends"   Program with live reptiles which include both exotic and native species in addition to a preserved rattlesnake.
  •  "Wildlife Rehabilitation" Slide show with or without one animal representative.  This program is best suited for a formal setting.
  •  “Bats & Rabies” Slide show on bats of PA, info about rabies and meet a live bat.

All programs include information about Centre Wildlife Care, natural history of wild animals in the program and what to do if you find a wild animal that needs help. 

Animals available for programs

  • Birds
    • Isis the peregrine falcon
    • Andromeda the red tailed hawk
    • Nostradamus the Eastern screech owl
    • Bobbles the barred owl
  • Mammals
    • Betsy the big brown bat
    • Petunia the skunk
    • Mama the opossum
    • Sugar the sugar glider
  • Cold Blooded Friends
    • Onyx the black rat snake
    • Harvey, Georgia or Lefty the eastern box turtles
    • Fred the wood turtle
    • Camo the snapping turtle
    • Jabba the toad
    • Musk Turtle
    • Rattlesnake (mounted specimen)
    • $250 for up to the first hour
    • $100 for each additional hour
    • $500 for an all day program
    • If over 10 miles – 55 cents per mile
Administrative fee:  If your organization requires an unusual amount of paperwork for a program there may be an administrative fee depending on the request.    

Why do we require a fee for programs?

Centre Wildlife Care is a volunteer-based, non-profit, organization that is not funded by any governmental or local  agency.  We rely on donations and program fees to provide food, housing and veterinary care for the animals.   

CWC has all the required licensing to do educational programs with wild animals from the PA Game Commission, the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service, the Fish and Boat Commission and the USDA.

For more information contact us at centrewildlifecare@gmail.com or 814-692-0004

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