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Endowment for Sustainability

Centre Wildlife Care is undertaking an effort to ensure it’s continued existence after the retirement of our current rehabilitator.  The inescapable reality is that the vast majority of wildlife rehabilitation facilities will close when its rehabilitator retires or moves.  When this happens, the services will  cease and wildlife will suffer.  We want to prevent that outcome with our “CWC Forever” (CWCF) initiative.  You can help.


CWC Forever is dedicated to ensuring professional wildlife rehabilitation services through enhanced facilities, training, and support services directed to Centre Wildlife Care. 


To provide a full-service, well-equipped, rehabilitation and education services with expanded capacity, to expand the number of rehabilitation facilities statewide, to become a wildlife rehabilitation educational facility, and to open a public education facility with our education animals.


  • A larger facility to support medical, educational, indoor and outdoor housing, and exercise grounds.
  • Funds directed to or endowment to support the ongoing administrative and staffing costs.
  • Funds and assistance to establish the education curriculum.
  • Medical supplies and equipment.


  • Become a monthly supporter with an affordable gift.  Any donation from $5 - $100 per month, or make a one-time gift that you can afford.  All donations are appreciated.
  • Visit our “wish list” for large gift requests...(see link below)
  • Donate land or other assets to CWCF that we can either administer or sell.
  • Name CWCF as a beneficiary in your estate plan.  We offer discounted legal estate planning services with any plan that includes a gift to CWCF through a supporting law firm.
  • Ask your employer if they participate in matching charitable contributions.
  • Become a volunteer!
  • And most importantly….spread the word and invite people who you know who share an interest in wildlife to support our efforts. 


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If you are interested in supporting this initiative, or if you would like more information, please request a meeting with our fundraising and legal administrators here

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