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Take a Walk on the Wild Side


Program with live mammals, birds & reptiles…choose 4-6 animal ambassadors for your program. 

My Cold Blooded Friends


Program with live reptiles which include both exotic and native species in addition to a preserved rattlesnake. 

Wildlife Rehabilitation


Slide show with or without one animal representative.  This program is best suited for a formal setting. 

Bats are the Good Guys


Program with a live bat that can be adapted for adults or children.  It can include a slide show and/or a short video on bats and info about rabies.

Our Animal Ambassadors



  • Isis the peregrine falcon (named after the goddess)
  • Andromeda the red tailed hawk
  • Nostradamus the Eastern screech owl
  • Bobbles the barred owl


  • Betsy the big brown bat
  • Petunia the skunk
  • Mama the opossum
  • Sugar the sugar glider

Cold Blooded Friends

  • Onyx the black rat snake
  • Harvey, Georgia or Lefty the eastern box turtles
  • Fred the wood turtle
  • Camo the snapping turtle
  • Jabba the toad
  • Musk Turtle
  • Rattlesnake (mounted specimen)

Price List

All programs include information about Centre Wildlife Care, natural history of wild animals in the program and what to do if you find a wild animal that needs help.

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