Baby Great Horned owl.


Centre Wildlife Care is funded only by donations! 

Your contribution goes a long way to help us provide professional care to these orphaned & injured wild animals.

This year CWC provided care to over 1500 (up 40% from 2012) wild animals, which included bald eagles, owls, raccoons, and many of the common species that are orphaned because of human influence such as construction, cars, and landscaping. 

We accept all native species of wild animals that need help.

Featured Animals for Sponsorship

Isis the Peregrine Falcon


Isis came to CWC about several years ago. She has a molting issue, that when she molts her feathers, instead of just one feather at a time, she loses a cluster. This prevents her from being able to fly to hunt for food. So, she stays with us as an educational ambassador.

Bobbles the Barred Owl

Bobbles is a Barred owl

Bobbles is a Barred owl that has vision issues and unable to hunt on her own. She is one of our educational ambassadors.

Nostradamus the Screech Owl


Nostradamus is another of our educational ambassadors. He has vision loss in one of his eyes and unable to hunt on his own.


Orphaned fawn

Every year CWC gets many injured or orphaned fawns when mama is hit by a car.   They are rehabilitated at CWC and released back into the wild.

Momma Opossum

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Momma came to CWC after being hit by a car. A caring individual scooped her up and brought her to us. She had a pouch full of babies, which we left her to take care of. We took care of her, she took care of her babies. The babies grew up and where released. Unfortunately, due to the injuries she sustained from the accident, she is blind and stays with us as an educational ambassador.

Coopers Hawk


For Cooper's hawks, we will wrap their tails in a guard to prevent breakage in the tail feathers. If they break their tail feathers, we will have to wait to release them until their feathers grow back, which can take months. 



We get dozens of orphaned babies every year. We feed them a special diet, specifically made for them.

Wood Thrush


We also get many injured birds and other animals that are non-releasable due to their injuries. We always try to find them the best forever home we can.

Sugar Gliders


We also receive confiscated animals from the Game Commission that are illegal to own as pets in Pennsylvania. We have special licensing from the PA Game Commission, the Fish &
Boat Commission, the US Fish & Wildlife
Service and the USDA  to possess wild animals and some non-native wildlife for educational outreach.

Black Rat Snake


We also accept and take care of all reptiles, including snakes and turtles.



Amphibians are rare here at CWC, but we do occasionally get a few. This is Jabba, he is missing afoot, so we have him as an educational ambassador.

List of all Sponsorable Animals

Injured or Orphaned animals

Baby Song Birds

Bald eagle

Barn Owl Chick


Coopers Hawk

Cottontail Rabbits


Flying Squirrel

Great Horned Owl Chicks

Golden Eagle

Gray Fox

Gray Squirrel

Great Blue Heron

Horned Grebe

Mallard Ducklings

Baby Opossums

Injured Raccoon

Baby Raccoon

Red Fox

Red Squirrel

Short-Eared Owl

Snowy Owl

Turkey Chick

Educational Ambassadors

Alvin the Chipmunk

Baltimore Oriole Ambassador

Bobbles the Barred Owl

Betsy the Big Brown Bat

Harvey the Box Turtle

Onyx the Black Rat Snake

Satin The Mink

Musk Turtle

Mama the Opossum

Isis the Peregrine Falcon

Andromeda the Red-Tailed hawk

Nostradamus the Screech-owl

Violet the Striped Skunk

Camo the Snapping Turtle

Sugar the Sugar Glider

Jabba the Toad

Fred the Wood Turtle sponsorship animals wildlife

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